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Intelligent recruitment solutions to deliver
proficiency to all sectors
Be competent in the market
with a skilled workforce
Acquire manpower as per your requirement
Independent global business advisory firm

who we are

We, at VBMS services, are a group of professionals dedicated to delivering manpower recruitment facilities necessary for our clients belonging to any sector and located at any coordinate of the globe.

what we do

We gather the specifics of your vacant job profiles, promote those opportunities and then take up strict selection processes to match candidates for a perfect fit.

Why choose us

We’re located in the most developed city of India, Navi Mumbai and have the essential infrastructure to guarantee a proficient service.

Our vision

VBMS, as a recruitment agency, is committed to establishing itself as a trusted talent search partner to be able to bridge the gap between valuable employment opportunities and quality human resource.

Recruitment Procedure

We help you communicate the value of your project so you get the buy-in and adoption you need to success.

Estimating manpower requirements

When you place a project forth to us, we first evaluate the types and number of employees required so as to progress accordingly. The workload that the candidates have to manage is assesses and the number of people required in the workforce is optimally strategized. This reduces any kinds of redundancy that will be a waste of resources.

The search for prospective employees

Our search begins with a promotion of your vacancies. We determine the platforms that can potentially attract employees from the right talent pool and align our promotional activities towards them. These sources are also validated before accepting potential employees from them. Applications are then invited and the applicants are evaluated for their keenness in the job.

A final job offer

We match candidates and place them according to their aptitude and abilities. The candidates are taken through orientation sessions to help them become well-versed with the job conditions and expectations. If placed abroad, we also provide them logistics support.

Candidate selection

We conduct the following activities to complete the selection process.

  • Preliminary screening for applications
  • A basic selection test to see their compatibility
  • A job-oriented interview with different phases to check both practical and technical knowledge
  • An assessment of the skills possessed
  • Thorough background checks
  • A final interview to gather the candidate’s agreement to the terms and conditions of the contract

Verticals we work for

We enjoy valuable patronage in the geographical areas of

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Canada and
  • Africa

However, our services are not restricted to specific global regions or sectors of the market. We extend professional support to all fields, with specific expertise in Oil and gas, construction and agricultural segments of the market. Our recruitment methodologies are derived to suit each business equally with specific steps where a candidate’s industry-specific skill set is put to test.

25+ years of experience
7 Offices Worldwide
90+ Countries Served
50+ Hardworking People

Quick FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

Where is VBMS based?

VBMS is based in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra, India) but we serve globally.

What type of recruitment do you do?

VBMS is a contingency service platform. We serve your requirements for both, raw talent, and skilled professionals.

How can I register a vacancy?

You can contact us at for registering a job.

How long does the process take from the initial contact to the arrival of the candidate?

Our efforts are to stand by the deadlines provided by you. However, the process may take more or less time based on the size and type of your requirement. This will be decided at the time of you entering a contract with us. A detailed description of our recruitment processis available on the website.

How much does it cost?

The fee for our services is negotiable. The factors that it depends on are

  • The size of your requirement
  • The type of your requirement
  • The country you want candidates for
  • Taxes


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